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17 | Bangladesh-Korea Ict Training Centre for Education (BKITCE)

COUNTRIES INVOLVED // Bangladesh and Korea

CASE STUDY INSTITUTION/S AND AUTHORS // President University (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
Authors: Abdullah Al Mamun and Fariha Haque

What was this activity about?

Bangladesh embraced ICT as a matter of policy and set an aggressive strategy to make up for the current lag and leapfrog into the ranks of top ICT-ready countries within a decade through the adoption of its first ICT policy in 2002. Strengthening ICT capacity and enhancing its use in every sector of national life has been prioritized. In pursuance with the primary objectives of the national ICT policy 2002 to foster knowledge based society, Bangladesh Bureau of Education Information and Statistics (BANBEIS) of the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) initiated a project titled as 'Establishment of Bangladesh-Korea ICT Training Center for Education (BKITCE).' The Project orchestrated the design of an appropriate IT infrastructure by setting up and operating a state-of-the-art training center in the country. This was done by launching five ICT labs in the renovated and remodeled BANBEIS computer division as the center of excellence.

The BKITCE is a tiny but remarkable South-South Cooperation (SSC) success story in comparison to other SSC activities in other countries of South. This project has basically sensitized the process of SSC at the country level. Therefore, the outcome can not be measured by numbers; rather it demonstrates the successful beginning of the process of such kind of cooperation.

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